My Topics of Courses and Seminars for Students:

  • Consumer Behavior & IMC Strategies.
  • Cross Cultural Communications & Globalization.
  • Marketing & Advertising Strategies.
“Creactive”:Applied Creactive Workshop

My workshops and seminars for professionals:
  • Western Vs. Eastern Strategies based on my book "Chinese Roulette"presenting 36 different strategies.
  • Applying innovative approaches in organizations based on my book "CRE-ACT - IVE - Ideas Fly Ahead From Your Head".


  • The Glocal  Approach: “Think Global-Act Local” based on my Academic lecturing record, as wall as a long - run Consulting experience. 
My methods of lecturing / teaching evolve the Edutainment system and high degree of interactivity with students & attendats.

  • Visiting Lecturer in Japan and England in front of Business people and Corporate managers at different levels.
  • Business consultant to firms in England, U.S.A & Japan.