Words and passages of life

A Unique and best selling series:
· Epigrams · Wisdom of life · Tips
Written by: Dr. Chaim Melamed
Photography by: Dr. Marc Laor
Designed: Zahava Teper

What is the Series?

Living words on life
is a series of books that contains epigramS, facts of life, tips, lessons and practical advice about life. First was published in israel in 1998. Every page is designed according to the topic and the message conveyed by the specific page.
The books are written and presented with humor and pun. There is a selection of unique photographs inside the books.
So far three books of the series have been written:
· Living words on life (like the title of the entire series).

· More living words on life.

· Life is cocktail.

The first two books in Hebrew turned to be best sellers for a long time.